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The beauty of our promotions is that we can either be integrated into your existing promotions so you can leverage our powerful tools or we can fully manage, create and execute your custom promotions for you. Either way, you get the Skosay Edge when implementing any one of our solutions.

Fully Managed Options


Create a custom digital sample campaign to acquire sample opt ins digitally through a fully branded landing page. With a fully managed sample program, we will design a sample experience just for you, create a media strategy to acquire your target audience, and fulfill and ship samples.


Giveaways are a great way to maximize your acquisition potential, and to increase awareness for your brand. With our fully managed giveaway offer, we will design branded giveaway landing page that encourages social sharing and growth, as well as customizing data collection based on your goals. We can confirm winners and fulfill and ship prizes, if needed.


Our fully managed surveys are turnkey to gather quick insights from your shoppers. Receive data in real-time and parse it as you need for remarketing purposes.


Form Builder

Data is king, but if you’re only aggregating it via a spreadsheet you’re missing out. Our Form Builder allows you to customize a form, embed it into your own landing page, and receive actionable, real-time data that you can easily analyze.

Survey Builder

Our surveys are not only a great tool to gain insights from your shoppers, but they also serve as a great way to qualify your audience so you can segment appropriately for remarketing purposes.

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