When it comes to shipping and fulfillment we have you covered. No, literally we take all the guesswork out of understanding all there is to know about shipping and fulfillment. There is a reason Skosay has some of the most competitive prices on the markets for these services and that’s because we do it all day, every day.

What you need to know

One of the biggest learnings for a brand when looking to get into direct-to-consumer promotions is understand the difference between a Flat and a Marketing Parcel. It’s a big difference and being able to convert something to a flat could save you a significant amount of money, sometimes up to 75% per item being mailed.

A Flat

The very basic understanding of a flat in the eyes of the USPS is that it is no more than 12 inches high x 15 inches long x .75 inches thick. Another criteria is that it must not be rigid which dictates whether or not it can fit around a sorting drum.

A Marketing Parcel

A marketing parcel is typically defined as being 9 inches high X 12 inches long X 2 inches thick. It also must weigh less than 16 ounces. Once a box has moved over 16 ounces in weight the pricing brackets change dramatically for shipping and you could be looking at a minimum 50% increase in the cost of your project.

Pro Tip

Look for ways to reduce the thickness of your promotional items and keep the weight under 16 ounces.

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