Target consumers who
are most likely to buy.

Quality has always been a priority for marketers. Now more than ever, quality in customer acquisition and data is even more significant. ARC™ is a game-changing technology that we’ve developed for marketers to ensure that their promotional offers are put into the highest quality consumers’ hands. Our proprietary technology aggregates over 4 years of data to help you identify quality consumers, so waste is limited and remarketing opportunities are heightened.


In 2017, a key consumer foods company implemented ARC™ and drove an increase of over 30% sales by targeting the right consumers with the right product. How did they do it? Utilizing ARC™ means the right consumer will spend 75% more time on your site.

How It Works

With our proprietary ARC™ technology we’re able to truly identify true shoppers on the front end of your promotions. Think of us as spam blockers for audience acquisition channels. Our ARC™ technology is able to identify shoppers who have a very low purchase intent or affinity toward your brand, so that your marketing dollars are more effective in the long run. With ARC™ applied to your marketing, you will connect what matters with who matters.

Without ARC™

Millions of dollars are wasted remarketing to people with zero affinity or use for the brand. ARC™ builds audiences that are the most responsive to your remarketing efforts.

With ARC™

With ARC™ you can reduce your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) while raising your Lifetime Value (LTV). This allows you to be more efficient with your budget and continue ongoing marketing to your customer for longer.

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